Happy 2nd Anniversary to Breathe Fitness

On Friday, September 10th, Breathe Fitness celebrated our second birthday. The event was a latin-themed evening complete with build your own taco bar, margaritas flowing and a live band Zumba class. Those who attended had a fantastic time as evedenced by the pictures. And those who missed it, really missed something. If I'm not mistaken, even a few brave men got into the Zumba groove! See the pictures below and you can imagine how much fun the evening was for everyone.

RPM Class Breaks Down the Walls

In honor of our nation's birthday, Breathe Fitness tried something new and different. We offered a group cycling class outside in our parking lot. The brainchild of Group Fitness Manager Lauran Zambruski and RPM instructor Sammi Gaudreau, the class was a smashing success. Our members like to try new things and this provided that special something they were looking for.

Due to the positive feedback of this event, you can be sure we will be trying other similar events. We already have booty camp on the schedule and that class will occasionally venture out of the confines of the building. Our goal is to continually improve our member experience. We strive to be the best part of our member's day each time they visit. Things like this add to the fun that we hope to create.

Our philosophy is that fitness should not be shrouded in mystery. If we can get you to move more than you were previously, and come back on a regular basis, then you will be well on your way to improving your fitness level! We'll make it fun, we'll keep it fresh, you have to show up.

See you at Breathe...

The End Of An Era

On Wednesday, June 23, at 5:45 am, Steve McMahon took the microphone one last time and taught a fantastic Body Pump Class. His class, like his persona, was consistent, professional and filled with inspiration. For the past 8 years, Steve has been teaching Body Pump at the crack of dawn.

He has been adored for his words of wisdom he imparts to his students. "Today is Water Wednesday, so drink up!" "Three hours a week of pain for a lifetime of fitness is a small price to pay!" "We're Body Pumpers, we don't mind a little hard work!" These are just a few of the gems Steve used to tell his classes. He kept them on track, motivated and working hard. He was/is a wonderful role model.

An avid surfer, Steve often told me about his business partner who, although the same age, had never participated in any exercise and consequently was in poor health. While Steve is off planning his round the world surfing expedition, his poor partner can only look forward to a retirement filled with health care issues and pain.

Steve will still drop by Breathe when his schedule allows and if you get the opportunity to engage him in conversation, please do. You will be a better person for it.

We will miss you Steve, but we are all thankful that we had the privilege to know you. Enjoy your golden years; you deserve it! Thank you for all you brought to Breathe Fitness.

Breathe Fitness For Women
May 2010
In this issue:

Weight loss strategies that really work, Metabolic Workouts, and of course How to Have a Happy Mother’s Day

* * * *

Do you have a lot of weight to lose? Or, are you struggling with those pesky last 10lbs – 15lbs? Either way, I know how daunting it can be to drop the pounds. I have been battling excess weight all my life, and although I haven’t won the battle I do believe I am finally onto something that works. My sister works as a nutritionist in a health club and she has seen dramatic results in her patients who are using Metagenics brand products to supplement their diets. Metagenics is a Southern California based company specializing in providing the highest quality vitamins and supplements.
Make an appointment today to speak with Marianne. She will take your Body Composition using a Bioelectric Impendence Analyzer. This machine will determine what exactly is going on inside your body with regard to toxicity levels, cellular integrity and hydration. By making adjustments to one or all of these factors, you will be returning your body to homeostasis. Once your numbers are in a more favorable range, your body will function optimally as it did when you were a young child. The BIA should only take a couple of minutes and your consultation with Marianne will also be a short half hour or so. We are anxious to help you achieve all of your fitness goals, so take advantage of this free consultation now.

* * * *

I spend a great deal of time researching different workout techniques. I enjoy learning about what others are finding effective. To that end, I am hearing more and more about Metabolic Workouts. A metabolic workout is a fast-paced circuit, in which you set up a series of fairly simple weightlifting exercises and do them on a fixed—and very short—time schedule. The weights you lift will be heavy enough to hurt, but not so heavy that you can’t get through the workout. Instead of lifting for volume, you’ll focus on lifting within a set period of time. What makes metabolic workouts so great? These fast, challenging workouts provide the following major benefits:
1. Increased cardiovascular efficiency
2. Local muscular development
3. Fat burning
4. Increased definition in existing muscle

The beauty of this kind of workout is that anyone can participate. One needs to simply set the resistance according to her fitness level.
The entire Spring Challenge Program that is currently underway is in fact a metabolic workout. My goal in creating this program was to bring participants into the workout/weight room and allow them to find the fun and challenge in workout out this way. If you are not in the challenge, imagine pulling down as heavy a weight as possible, or doing as many pushups in one minute. This may not sound fun yet but believe me it is. In addition I have added odd elements such as running with a long tube that has water sloshing around in it and there is also a puzzle that requires you to balance on one leg while you take it apart and put it back together. These types of activities teach us that fitness is fun and dynamic. If you are ever bored in your routine ask one of the Breathe Trainers to offer suggestions for what you can do to spice up your workout. You’ll be glad you did.

* * * *

Recipe for a Happy Mother’s Day
Although I have never been a mother, I have one and I am married to one, so I feel qualified to offer the following. (If you disagree, feel free to let me know where I went wrong!)

1 cup Exercise Class
1 cup Relaxation Class
2 Tbs Massage and/or Facial
Pinch Healthy (but sinful tasting) Chocolate Smoothie

Mix all of the above with a new outfit or a pair of killer shoes for the perfect day. No nagging kids, no nagging husbands just for one day.

Well, did I nail it or what?
Dear Members of our Breathe Family,

I find myself in a familiar position, searching for words strong enough to convey my deepest gratitude to you. This week was very inspiring for Breathe and I want to thank all who participated. As everyone is aware, our community suffered an unimaginable tragedy recently with the senseless taking of the life of a beloved young lady, Chelsea King.

We felt the need to provide some basic information to our “family” in order to help try to prevent this type of thing from happening again. We partnered with Joe and Barbara Kotcher of Kotcher Kempo Karate in Ramona. They, along with their top students Sammi and Dawn, held two ninety minute informational workshops. The cost to attend was $5 with 100% of the money collected going to the Chelsea Light Foundation. Joe and Barbara refused to take any money for their time and efforts. The classes were well attended and extremely beneficial to all who participated. Thank you Joe, Barbara, Sammi, and Dawn, you helped many of us realize how to not be a victim. The two classes combined raised $350 which I will be proud to donate. If there is interest, Joe has agreed to offer self defense sessions at Breathe. Please let us know your thoughts.

I was recently informed by Jackie Shillington, one of our popular RPM and Body Pump instructors that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It struck me as odd because to look at Jackie is like looking at the picture of health. What is even more amazing is Jackie’s demeanor. She is doggedly determined to fight with all of her might and beat this thing. And you were able to let her know that she has a family of support in her corner. When Jackie asked if we could help her sister who is struggling to raise the required donations in order to walk in the Avon Two Day Breast Cancer walk, we of course agreed. On Saturday, March 27, we held a fund raiser on Jackie’s behalf. There was an RPM class followed by a Body Pump class, and then an additional RPM class. Spots in each class were available for a $15 donation. In addition silent auction items were offered.

It was no surprise to me that Pat, Nuie, Mike, Jim, Steve, Ana and Lauren volunteered. They always are the first ones who can be counted on whenever there is a worthy cause. In addition, Lauran and Marianne came through with much of the behind the scenes organizing. Newcomers Colleen, Sammi, Rori and Janel provided additional support. And of course what brought the whole event together was the participation and heartfelt generosity of you, our members. We raised over $1100 so far. It must have been comforting for Jackie to know that she is so cared for and supported here by her “other family”. Jackie looked radiant the entire day which is not easy to do after three back-to-back exercise classes. The event was a smashing success, and I knew it would be once Lauren Schroeder agreed to oversee it.

Thank you so much to all who supported this event. Several members were only able to offer donations while others participated in one, two or all three classes. Our tireless instructors showed their true colors by looking great and inspiring you to get in the fight on Jackie’s behalf. All in all it was deeply moving to attend this special event. The auction items will be on display this week. Please bid on them as 100% of what is collected will be forwarded to Jackie’s sister. Thank you for coming out and for your generous donations.

On a lighter note, Breathe will be closed Sunday, April 4th in observance of Easter. Normal schedule will resume on Monday, April 5th. Thank you again for all of your support and generosity. I never get tired of bragging about the fact that Breathe Fitness has the best members of any Club anywhere. You continue to make my case for me. You are the salt of the earth and we are blessed to have you as members, staff and instructors.
Amy & Randy

We Are So Grateful!
The Breathe Fitness Staff want to give all of you a big hug. We continue to believe that the members of Breathe are hands down the best members of any health club in area, the State or even the Country!
When we learned of the impending rain storms, we were very concerned that our launches would be poorly attended. Lauren had put so much effort into making them special for everyone. The instructors put in countless hours practicing so that their performances would be a thing of beauty. We were overwhelmed by the incredible turnout. Everyone is to be thanked and congratulated. Classes were packed despite the rain. It was nothing short of miraculous. As we say every day, “it is a pleasure serving our members because they are the greatest.”
While other Clubs are cancelling classes, we are experiencing unprecedented activity. Thank you all so much for your support. Believe it or not, Lauren is already putting plans together for the April launches. She will have to get very creative to outdo herself. Stay tuned for more information…
Our Body Transformation Challenge is in full swing and the results are beginning to show, kudos to all who are participating. Betty Williamson is our first week overall winner by a margin of one point over Martha Lough (one darn Berries A’more shake made the difference!). Many of you may not recognize Betty as she has lost half a person by now. She is not shy to share her secrets of success. Ask her how she is doing it next time you see her.
Without divulging too much, Breathe promises to continue to bring exciting events to the fore in the next few weeks and months. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it is rumored to be something very special for you. More details will be coming, but let’s just say that you and your mate will be very interested in what we’re cooking up!!!
Thank you again for your support. We are grateful to have you as members. Please continue to let us know what we can do to improve your Club. Your input makes a difference. We wish you good health during this stormy time. If you are able to brave the rains and come on out and join us, you won’t be sorry. See you at the Club!
Randy, Amy and the entire Breathe Staff!

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and it could be time for a new you. Each year health clubs across the country swell with new members who have the best intentions. However many of those well intended individuals lose their motivation and give up. We want to help you make this the year you make a permanent change for the better.

Maybe a little challenge will provide just what you need. Our Body Transformation Challenge will allow you to earn points by participating in a variety of Breathe offerings. A hefty cash prize will be given to the winner. Maybe you win maybe you don't, but in reality if you can reach your fitness goal then you are indeed a winner. Sign up now for this wonderful and fun event. The BTC kicks off on Monday, January 10th and runs for 10 weeks. I hope to see your name on the list! What have you got to lose?